Lyndi S.

Nashville, TN


Betty's is what CVS, Publix, and every other chain out there wishes it could be.  They probably don't offer the same variety, but if you are looking for a classic, tried-and-true country store, Betty's is your place!


We strolled in here while walking through Helen to grab a tasty beverage and really just browse.  Boyfriend has been coming here since he was a kid, and his entire family smiles at the mere mention of Betty's Country Store!  I couldn't wait to try this place out for myself.


Well, I was definitely in for a treat.  I grabbed a sarsaparilla (kind of like root beer, only better), and an ice cream on a stick.  Good ole Betty's.  What a great place to start on my first trip to Helen!


As an (adult) side note, they have a FANTASTIC beer selection as well!


Justin R.

Nashville, TN


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I'm not going to review the store itself, I'm going to tell you a little story that has been with my family for about twenty years now.


My family and I grew up visiting our vacation house right outside of Helen, and every time we visited we paid a visit to Betty's Country Store. Each time we went, my two sisters and I would each get an ice cream.


On one particular visit, my sister picked out an ice cream Snickers bar. While my parents were finishing up their shopping, my sister opened her ice cream bar, and started eating it. Well when we went to pay for our groceries, my dad told my sister that her ice cream cost $5.00.


He made my sister feel so bad about picking the most expensive ice cream. My sister felt so bad about the whole situation. So, it became this ongoing family story that was brought up all the time, especially whenever anyone made a trip to Betty's.


Well, about 15 years after the incident on that hot summer day, my dad finally told the entire family that the $5 Snickers ice cream bar, was not in fact $5. My dad had just pulled a 15 year joke on my entire family!


So, as you can imagine, I have a little special spot cool country store.



Asheville, NC



This place was SO COOL! Old fashion grocery/country store.


We had a cabin and a reason to get some supplies not available at The Dollar General (which by the way, was given to me as a suggestion for both grocery and CLOTHING shopping. Oh Helen, bless your pea pickin' heart). You must at least have a walk through even if you don't have anything to buy.


They had a normal grocery section, a deli, a bakery, produce, a room with wines both local and not, beer and gift items.


My friend had chicken and dumplings from their deli area and she said they were scrumptious.


I didn't find this place to be much pricier than a regular grocery store but it is definitely more than The Dollar General and Walmart. But I think it's a convenience option. It is right in the middle of "downtown" Helen. We drove about 30 minutes out to go to Walmart for other provisions and I would have rather saved the gas had we not been able to buy what we needed at Betty's.


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Betty's Country Store is a "must-see" when visiting Helen. Basic supplies for every visitor are available and the store features a grocery section filled with items from the past, as well as the present, including a bakery section with homemade pies and cookies, meat department for chops and Black Angus steaks cut the way you like, and a camping department.

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